Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Moving right along...

Boy oh boy!

Things went from being all quiet and boring to... Holy crap this is happening!

I had my appointment on Monday and everything is going great! The u/s tech said my lining looked beautiful and that everything is going just as it should. I asked the tech if the 12 follies I had were all that I would have or if I'd make more and she said you never know, sometimes the ones you had will just get bigger, sometimes you'll make more. I think she said that there were some smaller ones in addition to the initial 12, but she was mostly talking about the main 12 when she said they were growing nicely, at least one of which was a 12mm. No signs of OHSS and all of my blood work came back just as it should.

C said the doctor wasn't in the office yet, so she wasn't sure if he'd want to up my Gonal-F or not, so she gave me 2 more pens and said she'd text me the dose once the doctor had a chance to look at my file. She told me I'd need to come back on Wednesday at 10:30 for more blood work and another scan and probably again on Friday. D asked her when she thought retrieval might be and she said we could trigger as early as Friday, depending on how things look, which would put retrieval on Sunday and transfer on Wednesday.


About an hour later, I got a text from C telling me to up my Gonal-F to 300 for the next 2 days and keep my Lupron at 10.

So far, things have been going well. I have had headaches every day since starting the stims, but it hasn't been unbearable. I've been taking Tylenol for it and it seems to help a bit. It doesn't take it away, but it dulls it.

The other drag has been that our niece got me sick. She had a snotty nose on Thursday and Friday when I watched her, and now... I'm sick. I've been sick since first thing Saturday morning. C said I could take just about any kind of cold meds, so D got me some Dayquil, which I started taking yesterday. I've been blowing yellow shit outta my nose since Sunday morning. Monday, I woke up with a cough.

I'm feeling a tiny bit better today... but not much. C told me it's time for me to start taking it easy, so I guess this cold kinda came at a good time. It's kinda forcing me to take it easy. I'm hoping to feel better at least by Thursday, because I'm supposed to watch our niece again. I feel exhausted just thinking about it.

Speaking of which, D and I talked and he's of the mind that he doesn't want me watching her for my entire TWW. I was thinking maybe the first week... he said a week and a half before changing it to the full two weeks. He feels like we're taking this huge step and making this investment... we shouldn't take any chances. Picking up and running after a 9 month old, when I don't have to, seems like an unnecessary risk to him. I can't say I completely disagree with him. She does have other back up sitters, so it's not like I'd be leaving her completely in the lurch.

The shots themselves have been going great for the most part. I feel like a total rock star when it comes to that, whether D does them or I have to do them myself. There have been a few occasions where there's been a bit of medicine on the tip of the needle and those shots have stung a bit, but for the most part, they've been completely uneventful.

It has seemed a bit odd to me that I've been feeling fairly normal. All the books I've read and stories I've heard... so many people talk about the bloating, feeling your ovaries swell up with eggs, etc... and I'm not feeling any of that. I'm not worried or anything because all the monitoring they do will always tell more than what I'm feeling will ever tell me... and all of that says that everything is progressing just as it should. Now, they have increased the dose of my stims... so who knows how I will be feeling in the next few days. I may be writing about how I should have enjoyed the time of feeling "normal" because that's long gone now... or that just may not be my experience.

Well, it's time for more cold meds, some OJ and the next movie in my Harry Potter sofa marathon...

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