Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Grow Follies Grow!!

I'm finally home and comfy from my appointment this morning. The drive went pretty well with only a few minor delays from a lane closed on the Turnpike... but what can ya do? I was only about 5 minutes late and they're really awesome about it because they know how far I travel to get there.

I was taken straight away from my ultrasound. My lining remains "beautiful" according to the tech. :^) As far as follies go... my largest are two 14mm's followed by a 13, a 12.6 an 11, a 10 and some others she didn't get into. Friday is looking too soon for trigger.

I mentioned that I haven't been feeling overly bloated or miserable and the tech said "You will. It will get yucky." I laughed and said "I guess I should enjoy this time of feeling normal then?" and we both laughed as she agreed. She filled out all the forms and gave them to C while I got dressed. I then went back out to the lobby and got in the blood work line. The tech there was awesome too, didn't sting too bad when she stuck me.

I sat in the waiting room, working on my crochet, while waiting for C to come and restock my stims. When she did pop out, she told me she was just waiting on some results before she'd know what we were doing. I told her it was all good... I brought stuff to keep me busy.

Wound up chatting a bit with the woman sitting directly in front of me. I think this was her first visit and we had a bit of Waiting Room Bonding over the stupid shit advice people give us and how it makes us wanna smash our heads into the wall. She shared how much she wanted to tell her sister to Shut the Fuck Up instead of gritting her teeth and smiling at her wondering whether her lack of positivity is pushing the baby away! We rolled our eyes and shared that "knowing" that only two infertiles can share. It was actually pretty cool!

C called me back to an office and brought in more meds and a fresh freezie pack. She told me everything looks wonderful, that they probably would keep my dose the same, but she'd text me when the Dr. told her for sure. We sat and shot the shit for about 15 minutes or so before I packed up my stuff and headed to Wawa... I had a meatball sandwich on my mind!

Pulled in to Wawa, got a meatball sandwich, iced Mocha Latte and a Tastykake Lemon Pie. While eating the sandwich in the car I discovered that the Mocha Latte was shit. That was disappointing. Oh well. I was full and the pie was for later. LOL!

I hit the road and started the drive home. C texted me while I was on the Turnpike with my instructions, but I don't screw with my phone while I'm driving, so I left it to read once I got home. When I pulled into the driveway, I saw that she had instructed me to continue 300 IU's today, tomorrow and Friday... returning first thing Saturday morning for my next scan.

I did my shots and went up to get changed. That's when I noticed in the mirror that I did seem a bit bloated. I snapped a pic and then compared it to the pic I snapped on Day 1 of stims.


Um... yeah... I'd say that's more change than I realized! While I still feel pretty great... it's definitely clear from the pics that stuff is happening! I'm so excited I can barely sit still!

Grow Follies Grow!!!

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