Sunday, May 17, 2015

Ho Hum... Twiddlin' Thumbs

Things are still feeling fairly quiet, but I do think I'm starting to feel a bit more excited. I'm getting closer to my Baseline appointment on Wednesday, which is when I could be randomized and start my stims... so that's making me feel a bit anxious.

The Lupron has been going great for the most part. The actual shots themselves have become so much easier than I ever dreamed they could be. I wrote before that D had taken over as Official Shot Giver, and he has been an absolute freakin' Rock Star at it! He had one shot that didn't go perfectly smooth, but even that wasn't bad. We've gotten a system where he touches the tip of the needle to my skin so that I don't jump, counts to 3 and then pushes in. I literally feel nothing! I've even had to do a couple of them myself and those have been awesome too!

It might seem odd to be so excited about something like that but... I'm a huge needle-phobe, so for me... this is like a pretty big victory. I feel like I've not only stood in the face of a fear without shrinking away, but that I've also kinda defeated it because I no longer fear the shots. I don't dread them, I don't look for ways to delay them, I don't complain about them. Every time we do one and it goes perfect I feel that much stronger! So that's at least one positive that's come out of this experience so far.

I have felt a touch tired the past few days or so and D says I've been a touch moody, not bad but not my normal self either. I'm not sure if that's a Lupron Crohn's combo or what, because it did take a bit longer for the Prednisone to start making me feel better this time 'round, and when I'm flaring, I'll be honest... my moods aren't great. Sometimes I feel a little sting with the shot, but more times than not, I don't feel anything.

Yesterday my BFF came up from Harrisburg to bring some stuff she doesn't need/have space for. She gave us a brand new Gold's Gym treadmill her mom bough but never used, a solid wood futon frame (which is going into the spare bedroom so that we can at least offer someone a bed to sleep on should they need it) with mattress, a room divider and some shelves. Once we got all that stuff unloaded, we were all hungry so we went over to the Ice Shack & BBQ Pit for lunch.

I got a pulled pork sandwich with waffle fries and an Oreo milkshake. OMG!!! Was that place goood!! Everything was so fresh and delicious. I won't lie... I ate more than I should have and wound up feeling really bloated afterwards. But it was so good I couldn't help myself. After they left, I wound up taking a nap on the sofa while D washed and detailed the car.

When I woke up D told me we'd been invited to his sister's house. They cooked out and were gonna build a fire in their backyard, so a bunch of us sat around listening to music, talking and having a good time. I let myself enjoy what, God willing, will be one of my last opportunities for any drinking. My youngest SIL was "letting her hair down" and wanting some company, so I indulged a wee bit. I remember what it was like being 22 and not wanting to be the only one having a good time. :^)

We wound up staying there til after 12:30... it was nice. We talked about our Memorial Day weekend trip upstate. We're all heading up to Lockhaven this coming weekend to spread my SFIL's ashes and place a plaque with his name and all at his tree stand where he used to hunt all the time. Not to mention, there's work that needs to be done on the land that Ladd used to do every year, now it's up to all of us.

We're heading up first thing Saturday morning because we knew we had to come home Sunday since we've gotta be at the IVF clinic first thing Monday morning for my appointment, but it turns out everyone is coming home Sunday as well, so we won't be missing out on anything.

I'm really looking forward to my appointment this Wednesday. I'm hoping that I'll get to start my stims and that we'll get to start moving onto growing my follies and making some perfect eggs to turn into at least one perfect baby!

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