Wednesday, April 29, 2015

The Dreaded Day...

Today is the day I've least been looking forward to. Sonohystogram day. :(

I was pretty much blown off with my Ativan request. I never heard back about it, and it felt like an uphill climb at the first request, so I really didn't feel comfortable pushing it. Plus, when they told me D could come with me, I figured worse case scenario, I'd have him to lean on. I did take 1/2 of one of his klonopin since it's for anxiety, thinking maybe it would help a bit.

My appointment wound up getting pushed back from 1:30 to 3:00. The Dr was gonna be tied up with IVF's, so they needed to push me back. Great... more time to be nervous.

I've gotta say, I thought it was pretty cool that the moment I walked in, the girl at the front desk greeted me by first name. They took a urine sample and then C came and took us back to do our consents.

We decided, obviously, to freeze any extra embies and gave the credit card info for all of those charges. We decided what should happen to the snowbabies should one of us die or both of us die at the same time. We also had to sign that we understand that should we ever separate/divorce, etc. that we would be required to agree on the further disposition of the snowbabies. All pretty standard IVF fare.

Once we got all of that done, we found out that D has to go for his SA (semen analysis) like... ASAP. It's gotta be done during what's considered the "screening period" and that will end at my next visit on May 7th. So, I've gotta call the Melrose Park office first thing tomorrow morning and try to get him scheduled. They only do them on Mondays and Fridays, if I'm not mistaken. C gave me all the contact info and said that I'm to let her know should I have any problems getting it scheduled.

Monkeys... I need to tell you about the monkeys, but it's getting late and I really wanna get this uploaded before it gets much later. So... another time. But yes... monkeys.

Anyway, they come to get me and the nurse tells me D can't come in the room. I pretty much freaked out. Klonopin or no Klonopin... I was bugging. I explained about not getting the Ativan and being told I could have him in the room with me. She said about how the room was small, blah blah blah. So I heavy sighed and relented.

She took me to get my weight, temp & blood pressure. My hands were shaking, afraid I was about to cry. Once she finished she said she was going to speak with the Dr and find out if D could come. I thanked her profusely. She came back and said the Dr said it would be fine. Thank you God!

D, the Dr & 2 assistants get all situated in the room, the Dr does a general physical, breast exam and then it's time for the pap and cultures. Slightly uncomfortable, but nothing bad. Things didn't start to take a turn until it was catheter time, that's when the cramping began. Nothing unbearable, but really uncomfortable. D was holding one hand and when the fluid went in and the pressure intensified, the nurse took my other hand. The moment that intense pressure kicked in, I literally felt my armpits turn on like faucets. Talk about stress sweat.

I was trying to breathe through the cramping, but apparently I started breathing too fast and they had to tell me to slow down so I wouldn't pass out. I think I was all but crushing that nurses hand. They were great though, encouraging me, telling me how well I was doing, how we were almost done, etc.

All told, the sono lasted no more than 5 minutes. The cramping has sucked. I'm still feeling crampy now. But it's done now. I had no fibroids, no polyps, nothing that didn't belong there.

I am so glad D was able to be there for me today. It would've been so much harder having to go through that alone and then having to drive home with those cramps? Yeah, that would've sucked so much ass and I'd have been hating life for the entire 2 hours.

So... one more hurdle down.


  1. I am sooo glad D was able to go in with you! I did it 3 times alone and yes, that and the drive home sucks! ;) I am so glad it is over and you have the all clear!! That's a great sigh of relief!

    1. I couldn't agree more Jackie! It was by no means as bad as my 1st HSG, but it sucked ass big time. I'm not interested in having it done again any time soon that's for sure.

      When that pressure got really strong and I thought I felt my armpits turn on, I checked when I got up and there were 2 very distinct sweat puddles right where my armpits had been!!

      I have to give them credit though, when they saw how much I was struggling, they started moving really quickly and wrapped it up. I'm just glad it's over and done with and that it all came back clear!